Stock Up – Juicy Couture Linen Pants Monday, Oct 2 2006 

I know that in most parts of the country it’s too cool to wear linen pants. However, these Juicy Couture linen pants are a great cut and a great price ($43, normally $108). So stock up for summer or a freakishly warm  day. A long line like this makes anyone seem slim, and there’s still a ton of sizes and colors to choose from.


Glizty Metallic Sandal – Only $27! Monday, Oct 2 2006 

While sandals can’t work in every climate for the winter, a metallic sandal is pretty close to season neutral. And it’s especially good for holiday parties or dressing up jeans. I love this Franco Sarto sandal, and the price  really fits my budget. Available in limited sizes, but a few more than you might expect!

The Softest Sweater I Own Monday, Oct 2 2006 

Believe it or not, the softest sweater I own is not one of the designer cashmere sweaters I got on sale, but this $35 silk and cashmere sweater from La Redoute. Amazingly soft and silky, this sweater is super flattering – and more comfortable than a sweatshirt. Don’t let the price tag fool you – this is a high quality item.

Very Pretty Diane Von Furtsenberg Blouse Monday, Oct 2 2006 

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I love Diane Von Furstenberg prints. This sheer blouse is gorgeous, and perfect for going out. It would also work great under a black suit for a chic career look. And it’s almost half off at$118. More importantly, a lot of sizes are still available – a true rarity in a DvF sale item!

Super Cute Shoe Find: BCBG Pumps Monday, Oct 2 2006 

I’m always looking for pumps that have something extra to make them look unique. These BCBG pumps ($110) fit the bill with their rope detaling and super sweet round toe. And considering they were normally $275, I’d say they’re a deal!

Bluefly Fall Find: Chic Argento Vivo Necklace Sunday, Oct 1 2006 

I have to admit, I’m not that inspired by this weekend’s Bluefly sale. But I’m sure I’ll find a few cool things – like this Argento Vivo Necklace ($104). This funky necklace is unique enough to stand out with some basic pieces, but the shapes are classic and not to costume-y.

Chic for Cheap: Michael Kors Studded Leather Belts Wednesday, Sep 27 2006 

I love these Michael Kors Studded Belts for those cheap designer jeans you just had to buy – even though they were a size too big. For only $30, get both brown and black!

High Fashion for Less: Oscar de la Renta Skirt and Top Wednesday, Sep 27 2006 

Neiman Marcus is having a great sale, and this Oscar de la Renta outfit (top, skirt, and choker) is an amazing find.  Yes, it will set you back almost $1200, but that’s not bad for a normally $4000 outfit. If you plan on staying the same size for a while, this is a truly fashionable and classic outfit.

Victoria’s Secret Sale Finds Monday, Sep 25 2006 

Victoria’s Secret has already put some of their fall clothes on sale, and there are some amazing pieces available. My favorites:

Kimono Sweater ($59)

Usually kimono style tops look a little too girly and empire waist for my taste, but this top is body skimming and sexy. I love it!

Double Breasted  Sweater ($39)

A military inspired sweater like this is always in style, and it looks particularly good on small chested / pear shaped women.

Crossover Bra Top ($35)

A great top for highlighting curves. Pair it with jeans or a great jacket if you want more coverage.


Rose Printed Bra Top Corset ($29)

This top can turn a basic black suit into a great evening outfit!


Belted Leather Jacket ($118)

I’m a sucker for body hugging leather jackets like these. Although this jacket won’t keep you warm in the snow, it’s a great piece for fall or spring.

Designer Deal: Diane Von Furstenberg Top Sunday, Sep 24 2006 

This eye catching Diane Von Furstenberg top ($99) is one of my favorites. It goes great with jeans or a suit. The fabric (100% silk!) and detailing are gorgeous. And considering that it normally goes for $400, it’s quite a bargain.

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