Generally, shopping in the Juniors department (or in stores for teenage girls) is a big mistake for women over 22. Juniors clothes can be too revealing, too trendy, and too cheaply made to be fashionable on a grown woman. However, there are always a few deals to be found in the Juniors section.

Resist the temptation to go for stomach baring shirts or ultra small skirts. Also stay away from empire waist and tunic type tops, unless you’re ultra ultra thin. These can look make any curvy woman with a defined waist look pregnant, even if she’s slim.

When shopping in the Juniors department, go for the more “career” oriented clothing, which still looks casual on adult women.

Here’s a cheap casual outfit I put together from a few stores at the mall that cater to teens.

Chloe Ruffle Shirt ($33 at dELiAs)

This shirt is definitely borderline trendy, but I think it’s worth the risk for the price. It’s unique enough that it could hold its style for a while.

Straight Original Denim Trousers ($54 at the Gap)

When in doubt at a cheaper store, go for the trouser jeans. The cut tends to be universally flattering (not too low, not too high).

Clean Dress Boot ($25 at Wet Seal)

Cheap shoes often look too clunky, with thick heels and unflattering shapes. This shoe looks like something that would go for a few hundred, though do watch for PVC not stretching over the skinniest of calves.

Faux-Croc Roll Bags ($16.50 at Old Navy)

Faux bags look less fake over time. And given the price difference, I tend to go fake for styles I am trying out.