Bloomingdales Steal – $39 Pashmina Scarf Thursday, Sep 14 2006 

A big stylish scarf like this is a must have for winter, so stock up. You can’t get it for much cheaper than $39, at least, not in a silk / cashmere blend!


Sophisticated Scarves: From Reasonable to Chic Sunday, Sep 10 2006 

I love to collect scarves. They instantly make a basic outfit chic, and they always are in style. There’s so much you can do with a scarf! Here are a few great scarves I’ve found. While I would love to point out a bunch of full price Hermes and Pucci scarves I love, $300 is a little out of my price range for a scarf 😉 Here are some less expensive options.

Emilio Pucci Blue Fleur de Lis Silk Scarf ($84)

I could own every Pucci scarf and still not have enough of them 🙂 $84 doesn’t seem too high to get my collection started!

Emilio Pucci Pink Printed “Lilium” Oblong Silk Scarf  ($116)

I couldn’t help but feature this Pucci scarf as well! It would really liven up a outfit that’s strong on basic browns.

Lulu Guinness Black Chiffon “Walking Pooches” Scarf ($35)

The patten on this is super cute, but you can always wrap your scarf in a way to lessen its impact (as the second picture shows).