The Softest Sweater I Own Monday, Oct 2 2006 

Believe it or not, the softest sweater I own is not one of the designer cashmere sweaters I got on sale, but this $35 silk and cashmere sweater from La Redoute. Amazingly soft and silky, this sweater is super flattering – and more comfortable than a sweatshirt. Don’t let the price tag fool you – this is a high quality item.


Bluefly Cashmere Steal Tuesday, Sep 19 2006 

I believe that a woman can’t have enough high quality cashmere sweaters. Take good care of them, and they’ll last for a long time – and always be in style. I really love this pink Autumn Cashmere sweater. The cut is both feminine and clean, and the pink is more fun than frilly.

Bloomingdales Steal – $39 Pashmina Scarf Thursday, Sep 14 2006 

A big stylish scarf like this is a must have for winter, so stock up. You can’t get it for much cheaper than $39, at least, not in a silk / cashmere blend!

TSE Aqua Floral Cashmere Polo Tuesday, Sep 12 2006 

I’ve had my eye on this TSE Cashmere Polo for a while, but the price has really held me back from featuring it. $200 *is* a lot for a polo, even if it’s cashmere. But it’s really a one of a kind item, and big graphic prints like these tend to be classic – when paired with a clean cut like this sweater has. So, if you’re looking for a fashionable top to wear with jeans or dress pants, this polo really fits the bill. At least you won’t be paying the $500 retail price.

Bluefly Cashmere Finds Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 

Cashmere has certainly been getting cheaper over the last few years, and while that’s brought prices down for it across the board, it does mean that there’s some lower quality cashmere floating around. I say spend a little more to get an ultra soft, well made sweater. Bluefly has a lot great cashmere sweaters right now, and while they cost twice as much as cashmere from the Gap, they’re twice as stylish (at least) and almost certainly higher quality.


Hayden peacock 12gg cashmere crewneck sweater ($85)



This sweater comes in many colors – peacock just happened to be my favorite. At this price, I would definitely stock up on a few.



Autumn Cashmere – plum cashmere wrap sweater ($144)



This also comes in a nice variety of colors. And the cut seems very figure flattering.



Autumn Cashmere – ink cashmere argyle v-neck sweater  ($169)


I love argyle with a modern twist like this – the v-neck is sexy yet still classy. This sweater comes in a few color combinations, but I liked this one the best.